Beta Release Game Ladang Kampung Virtual Reality


    Ladang Kampung VR is a farming game with a combination of traditional and modern tools in doing agricultural activities, the activities carried out by players will be minimal or even no activity to kill animals, let alone humans. In this game you can hunt to raise (livestock), buy livestock, buy seeds and plant seeds, and carry out some of the available objectives, such as competitions between livestock, and traditional Indonesian food festivals. You can also play online history in this game so that the competition for your livestock and fields is wider in production.

For now the available game version is Beta v.0.0.1. which can run on the Oculus Rift / Rift S and SteamVR/HTC Vive (Work,Tested on Oculus Rift)

Download Ladang Kampung VR V.0.0.1 Beta

Alternative Link Download

You can share your experiences in screen recording videos of playing Ladang Kampung VR via the Rapid Raid Games Facebook Fans Page, and Instagram @rapidraidgames. thank you for supporting the development of this game by trying the beta version we released.

Thank you (Game with free asset and other asset on unity asset store)

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